MotocrossAdam uses Arc Levers clutch and brake motorcycle levers
Mr. Dirt's ARC Folding Levers
Brake and Clutch Levers
for SX Motocross
ARC Levers are unbreakable because they simply bend backwards and spring back.
ARC reinvented the LEVER with its reverse-action, double-jointed, folding levers.





for ARC

Worlds Finest
Adjustable   LEVERS
Machined billet 6061-t6 aluminum
Made in the   USA   by racers for racers
Reverse-Action Folding Brake and Clutch Levers
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Arc Levers are the world’s first and finest unbreakable levers. 
For motocross dirt bike motorcycles. You have to get a pair of these great unbreakable brake and clutch levers.
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Stay on track with Arc Levers. 
ARC LEVERS have to be the most important upgrade for your motocross dirt bike. 
Whether you’re racing or trail riding, if you fall and break your clutch lever, your day is over. 
In the 2 years BEFORE I got ARC LEVERS, I probably broke 10 levers. 
In the last 2 years since I have had ARC LEVERS, NO Broken levers. 
The Reverse-Folding Action really works. Their Cool! 
Do yourself a favor and get some ARC LEVERS. 
Tell Mr. Dirt, MotocrossAdam sent you, and let stay on track.